PurXcel is a proprietary blend  of 18 complimentary ingredients designed to help cleanse, balance and build the body through glutathione and superoxide dismutase support and production*.

PurXcel promotes optimal health and longevity by supporting the body’s ability to neutralize damaging free radicals and remove toxin*.

PurXel  uses bioavailable (absorbable) and clinically tested forms of glutathione [GSH] (Richie, et al., 2015) and superoxide Dismutase [SOD B Extramel] (Carillon, Notin, Schmitt, Simoneau, & Lacan, 2014), which are essential to everyday living. It also provides a clinical supported form of aloe polymannose [BiAloe] (Lewisa et al., 2013).

This proprietary supplement contains 18 beneficial ingredients working synergistically to deliver whole health and wellness.


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